Co-operatives and Non-Profit Housing

Co-operatives and Non-Profit Housing

CMS Client List – Co – op


Ahneen Co-op Homes Cathedral Court Gabriel Dumont NP Jack Goodlad
Aghabi Place Cawthra Mansions Gardenview Co-op Jackson’s Point
Agincourt Co-op Cedarbrook Park Gateway Community Jarvis George Housing
Ajax Municipal Cham Shan Temple Glen Fern Jenny Green

Alex Girvin

Charles Darrow Glen Mills John Bruce
Alex Park Charles Hastings Gneiss Co-op John Fitzpatrick
Anduhyaun Inc. Chautauqua Co-op Grace Hartman John Howard Society
Ann Marie Hill Chegoggin Co-op

(11 Church St)

Grace MacInnis  
Arauco Housing


Grant African Church Kenfinch Co-op
Art Burke Co-op

Chinese Evergreen NP

Greenwin Property Mgmt. Keswick Community
Ashworth Square Chord Co-op   Kimbermount Place
Atahualpa Co-op Church Isabella Harbour Channel Kimroy Grove
Athol Green Co-op Clintwood Harbourside Co-op Kingsway Lambton
Aurora Village Club 66 (YCC 330) Harmony Creek Co-op Kings Court
  Consideration Co-op Hazelburn Co-op
Bamburgh Circle Co-op Coral Co-op Harmony Haven La Place St. Laurent
Barsa Kelly Co-op. Cordova Co-op Harry Sherman Crowe Lakeshore Gardens
Bain Co-op. Community First H.C.C. No. 307

(Active Mgmt)

Bayanihan NP Co-op Constance Hamilton

(70 Lambertlodge)

Heath Street Co-op Lakeshore Village Artists
Beech Hall H. Co-op Courtland Mews Herizon House
Bellamy Housing

(Precision Property Management)

Crossraods Co-op Hictory Tree Co-op Lawrence Garden
Bethany Co-op. Crown Heights Home First Society LOFT Community
Birmingham Co-op Homes   Hong Fook Mental Lom Nava Co-op
Birch Cliff DACHI Co-op Loft ( Tony Crosbie)
Birtch Place David B. Archer HOPE Co-op Lotus Co-op
Bogart Creek Dentonnia Park Hospital Worker  
Bread & Roses Duffins Creek Co-op Howard Park Co-op Machell’s Corners
Brewin Co-op

Dufferin Grove

Hugh Garner Main Gerrard
Briarview Coop   Humberview Coop 2 Mascot Place
Bridle Manor Eamon Park   Maurice Coulter
Bridletowne Circle Ellen McGreal Ibercan NP Homes Marine Height

( 21 Cliffside )

Brimell Court Elevating Tech. Inc. Innisfree Co-op Margaret Laurence
Britannia Glen Coop Erin Court Instead Co-op

48 Kerr Rd.,

184 Hastings

Marketview Co-op


Esperance Co-op. Inter Faith Homes Meadows Co-op
    Interim Place Metta Coop
Campbell Court Fieldstone Coop Interim Place

7318 Goreway Dr.

Michael and Douglas
Campden Green Co-op Fletcher’s Creek Milliken Co-op
Milliken Gospel Church
Morley Mills Scar. Mission Wigwamen NP
Mondragon Scar. Support Services for the Elderly Wilcox Creek
Moshav Noam Co-op Secord Ave. William Lyon MacKenzie
Muriel Collins Shalimar International

Housing Co-op

William Peak
  Silverbirch Co-op Willow Glen Coop
Neelands Place Springfield Willow Park
Neill Wycik St. Clair Multi Faith Windmill Line
Neilson Creek St. Jude Windward Co-op
Neilson Creek St. Nicholas Woburn Co-op
Neilson Creek St. Peter & Paul Woodfield Housing Co-op
Nekenan Second Place Ulana Weleschuk Woodsworth Co-op
New Hibret St. David Village Wyandot
New Market Co-op Supportive Housing
Niagara Neighbourhood Sutherland Co-op
Northview Meadow Swansea Village
Northwood Park  
  Tamil Co-op.
Oak Street Co-op Tanglewood Orchard
Ontario Lottery Corp (Lesmill) Tannery Gate Tower
Ontario Lottery Corp (London) Tapscott Village
Ont. Lottery Corp (Unknown) Taylor Creek
Ontario Lottery Corp (Yonge) Terra Nova NP
Oshawa Creek Terrace Housing
Oshawa Valley Park Thorncliffe Chapel
Otter Creek Three Streets Housing
OWN Co-op Thurlestone Coop
Palisades Housing Trethewey Drive
Parkfarm Co-op.  
Parkview Place Upwood Park
Peregrine Co-op Ujamaa Housing Co-op
Peter Secor Housing

(380 Milner Ave.)

Primrose Housing Villa Forum
  Vincent Paul
Rainbow Co-op Vilnius Manor NP
Ramer’s Wood Co-op Villa Forum
Revere Apartment Villa Gasper Corte Ral
Rouge Valley Villa Luso NP
Richmond Hill Co-op  
Robert Cooke Walton Place
Rougemount Co-op


Royal Canadian

West Rouge

Scar. Bluffs Co-op Westminster Court
Scar Heights Wexford Residence

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